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Ondřej Škor

MVDr. Ondřej Škor
Dipl.ECVIM-CA (oncology)

Ondřej completed his studies in veterinary medicine at the VFU in Brno, where he graduated in 2008. He then completed a one-year internship in small animal internal medicine at the VFU Brno, followed by a two-year rotating internship at the Jaggy Clinic in Prague. After that, he worked as an internist and oncologist at the Animal Clinic Bílá Hora. In 2013, he started the residency program in the field of medical oncology at Vetmeduni Wien, which he finished in 2017 with the title of Diplomate of European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine – Companion Animals (Oncology). During his residency, he completed training not only in Austria but also in America, England and Switzerland. After the residency program, Ondřej continued until 2020 as a senior oncologist at Vetmeduni Wien, where he participated in clinical work, teaching residents and students, and participated in scientific research. In January 2019, he started his work as co-head of oncology at the Animal Health Trust Newmarket, where he worked for the following two years until the clinic was closed due to the COVID crisis. Since 2019, Ondřej has been developing his clinical and scientific activities within the Central European region. He currently works as a clinical oncologist at five oncology centres (Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, Brno, Žilina), is an active part of the consulting and educational activities of the German Laboklin laboratory in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, and participates in several international veterinary and human scientific projects in the areas of research on lymphoma, melanoma, breast and mammary gland cancer, mastocytoma and onco-markers. His current endeavour is to create a residential training centre for medical oncology in the Czech Republic. Together with his team, Ondřej is the organizer of regular Oncology congresses and seminars, he is the author of scientific and educational publications, and in addition to lectures at the university, he also gives lectures for practicing veterinarians within the Central European region. Ondřej is happily married and has three beautiful and smart children, and he likes to travel together with them.


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